Julia - The Series

When Naz found a girl's wallet on the street he tried to give it back twice, but she never showed up.

Destiny wasn't a date for Naz, it was an idea.

He and Massimo spent an afternoon scribbling the structure for the series and, in a day, Ilena had the pilot script ready. Panino and Luca's characters quickly came to life, thanks to Simone and Naz's acting skills. Julia was born and so was Terrible People Productions.

The first pilot was shot in one of our houses. We managed to get through, but inexperience demanded a high price. The pilot was shot again, treasuring all we had learned the previous time.

We pitched our web series at the London Rolling Film Festival, and Stephen Cooper-Reade, our investor, believed in us.

The result is our Julia - The Series, an Italian-inspired dark comedy about the eery powers of coincidences.

We wanted to believe in Julia: hope you'll do the same.