Quality content for despicable people.

Founded in 2018, Terrible People Productions quickly managed to get the funds for its professional debut Julia - The Series, which won the Best Web-series Award at the London UK Offline Web Fest in 2019.

Massimo La Sorsa
Creative Producer

Ilena Ilardo
Producer and Scriptwriter

Nazzareno Palmigiani
Producer and Actor

Simone Morieri
Producer and Actor

The company is run by Production Managers Ilena Ilardo, Massimo La Sorsa, together with Nazzareno Palmigiani and Simone Morieri.


We're proud to announce that we have a release date for our favourite project. Tune in on the 3rd of March to watch Julia the Series. You can find it here, on Youtube and on Facebook.

Julia - The Series won the Best Web Series Award at the 2019 edition of UK Offline Web Fest. Marco Venditti & Alessandro Grespan nominated for Best Director, Maya Helena for Best Actress.